Olaf Holzapfel

Olaf Holzapfel (Görlitz, 1969) studeerde schilderkunst aan de Hogeschool voor Beeldende Kunsten in Dresden. Hij leeft en werkt in Berlijn en Dresden.

1996-2001: Studie Schilderkunst aan de HfBK in Dresden bij Ralf Kerbach

2001-2002: Research Student, NID Ahmedabad Indien bei Prof. Singanapalli Balaram

2002: Artist in Residence, Columbia University, New York

2006-2008: Gastdocent, Kunstakademie Karlsruhe

2008-2010: Gastdocent, HfBK Hamburg


Actuele projecten

  • Made in Germany Zwei, Sprengel Museum Hannover (Mei – Augustus)
  • – wooden grass umbrellas, Galerie Gebr. Lehmann Dresden, (September – Oktober)
  • Leonhardi-Museum, Dresden ( September – December)
  • Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort (November- Januari 2013)
  • 12 folded in 7 – tribes in an transitory landscape, Loushy Art & Projects Tel Aviv, Israel

Beulshausen 2Olaf Holzapfel was born in Görlitz in 1969. He studied painting at the HfBK in Dresden with Prof. Ralf Kerbach from 1996 to 2001. He lives and works in Dresden and Berlin.

About his work
Painter of sharp-edged abstractions, digital images and large fiberboard environments and parcel-like sculptures, Olaf Holzapfel makes works that might be formal evocations of Gilles Deleuze’s folds and “deterritorializations”; their appeal lies as much in their abstraction of cerebral processes as in their material facture (bron: Olaf Holzapfel: Das Nomadische Kriterium)

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